Brighid Offerings

Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess

Offerings to Brighid can be a bit hairy traditionally because the tradition offering at a well was a clootie or piece of cloth with a plea for healing or help and it’s hairy because is the plea to the well or is it to Brighid? That being said when some wells or water sites sacred to Brighid are filled with coins and jewelry and other things that past supplicants have tossed in asking for help.

I suppose the corn dolly left out at La Fheile Brighde is a sort of offering also as well as making Brighid’s crosses. It was traditional to leave an oat cake or bannock, a small sheaf of oats, porridge, a cup of milk and or honey which also happen to be offerings left for the fae. And cloth was left out in the hopes that Brighid would touch it on her way by.

But really…

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