Interesting Experiment

Becca and I did not mean to do an experiment it just happened.
She loves Susan Howatch’s books and although I’m a horror, fantasy, urban fantasy kinda girl, I do ask her about what she is reading. Now this book…….
Cashelmara by Susan Howatch is done from the point of view of each of the characters. A slice for each one and because they are all linked with one another you get to see what they think about each other.
Becca told me that when she started reading about one of the characters she immediately thought he was a great guy, a stand-up, break the rules guy. However, when reading his wife’s words, she realized he was actually a cad of the blackest description.
We found this interesting and had many late night discussions on exactly that.
How the writer made you think and see characters through each others eyes.
A brilliant tactic and one that had me asking every night about what character was up to what.
So between us; we were amazed by the author’s skill in bringing this together from the viewpoint of multiple characters.
Have any of you read Cashelmara? Or come across novels that did the same?
I would love to know in comments. Thank you.





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