Where Did the Shattered States Come From?

Legends of Windemere

Cover art by Jon Hunsinger Cover art by Jon Hunsinger

John W. Howell asked:

“I would like to know the inspiration for the Bedlam series. I know your fantasy world was inspired by your gaming so what inspired bedlam?”

Crossing Bedlam is fairly new compared to all my other ideas.  It’s a totally different genre, atmosphere, and mentality too.  The funny thing is that it’s been slowly piecing itself together over the last few years.  It didn’t stem from gaming, movies, books, or television.  At least not exactly.

One of the biggest influences is my own growing cynicism.  I’m not always the biggest fan of humanity in general.  We do horrible things to each other for some of the most ridiculous reasons.  So I had that mentality along with seeing a lot of people questioning the United States getting involved in so much overseas.  This part of the post borders on political and I’m betting…

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