Pagan Authors

Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess

Known pagan authors and genre
Diana Paxson – Former COG president, FOI
Kevin Hearne- Iron Druid Series
Penny Billington – OBOD
Laurel K Hamilton
Yasmine Galenorn
M.R. Sellars
Morgan Daimler
Ellen Everett Hopman- FOI
Patricia Kennealy Morrison
Dion Fortune
Rosemary Edgehill
Mercedes Lackey
Deborah Blake
Mindy Klasky ? Cupcake Tarot?
Michael Munz
Caitlin Matthews
John Matthews
Silver Ravenwolf
Alice Walker
Philip Carr Gomm
Kevan Manwaring
Gail Nyoka FOI
Ann Finnin
Barbara Ardinger
Kathryn Hinds
Octavia Randolph
Fritz Leiber

Authors who may be pagan or pagan leaning/friendly friendly
Josepha Sherman
Marion Zimmer Bradley (was but at death converted)
Ru Emerson
Gael Baudino was Wiccan now Quaker
Annie Bellet
Ursula Le Guin
Michael Munz
Lauren Quick
Peter Beresford Ellis
Leighann Dobbs (collaborates with known pagans
Katherine Kurtz (Gardenerian for 10 years)
Authors who are pagan friendly but not pagan
Terry Pratchett
Kate Richardson
Cate Tiernan
Kim Harrison
Susan Wittig Albert

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