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Write Her Story


End of Days
by A.F. Stewart

An eternity in darkness.
Each hour haunted by my memories, those heady days as the Fallen.
Those beautiful days of blood and death, of exquisite freedom. When I whispered malice into human ears, destroyed their settlements, watched their budding civilizations fall. I strode this earth an unassailable titan, and everywhere my name was feared.
I ruled this world.
Why couldn’t you let me be?
 I turned my face to the heavens. “Hear me, my brethren!”
You jealous, spiteful creatures. Oh, how I hate you!
“You, with your morality, your duty, your righteous war!”
You broke my heart.
 “You took everything from me! I spat in the face of your betrayal, screamed as you toppled my reign! Still you came for me, deaf to my howls for mercy. You imprisoned me, but my influence lingered, didn’t it? You couldn’t even…

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