Guest author: Jane Dougherty – Tales from the Northlands

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Image: Sue Vincent Image: Sue Vincent

Sue has been kind enough to invite me to write a blog post to celebrate the publication of a short collection of stories. The collection is called Tales from the Northlands, and is, as you might expect, about things Nordic.

The stories came about because for the last couple of years, on and off, I’ve been writing a historical fantasy saga set in an alternate ninth century on the north-western fringe of Europe. I have been living and breathing ninth century customs, language, history and legend, and it has made me acutely aware of some of the difficulties involved in writing historical fiction, one of them being the language—using a vocabulary that isn’t full of modern imports.

English has changed drastically from Old English based on Old Norse and Anglo-Saxon, the Latin/French-influenced Middle English, to our melting pot of Modern English with its additions from Greek…

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