The Last Life

anita dawes and jaye marie


The Last Life, book two of my mystery series, is a Goodreads Giveaway until Wednesday 8th February. Three signed paperback copies are up for grabs, so please click on the link on the right for the chance to win one!

“It was a grimly determined Michael Barratt who woke up on the morning of the wedding. He showered and dressed, avoiding looking in the mirror too much, for fear of depressing himself even further. His hair was beginning to grow again. Soft down-like fuzz was appearing in patches, which was encouraging but not yet attractive, knowing the scar tissue would remain.

In the next room, the women were chattering away like magpies. Anyone would think it was a good day, instead of the serious business, which hopefully would end their imprisonment and troubles once and for all. Pity he wasn’t looking forward to any of it.

Someone had gone to…

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