Decision Monsters

The two, very cute, monsters on my shoulders are what I faced this morning. I had an idea, what?….Wait?….don’t run off to the hills. It wasn’t one of those ideas. I will not be blowing up the cooker or the bean pan, yet…….

The idea was to have Sunday off from writing. Simple….no.

The two monsters went to war. The left side one, fun head and the right side one, work head, argued back and forth and back and forth.

“But everyone deserves a day off,” said Fun Head.

“Adele works for herself she can never have a day off,” said Work Head.

“If she doesn’t take a day off she will combust.”

“But she has all these plans? Market strategies and other stuff. She can’t have a day off.”

To cut a long story short, they eventually came to an agreement. I will have Sundays off and concentrate on other parts of my creative life.

Painting, crochet, cooking. Having recently had to go gluten-free the cooking is needed.

Becca put it in the best light. “If you do other creative work it will inspire creativity in your writing too.”

Thanks, my love.

SUNDAYS OFF. WOO HOO. See ya on Monday have a good weekend everyone.

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