WiHM2017 Write Her Story – #Horror #author Lori Safranek @SafranekLori @Sotet_Angyal #WiHM8 @WiHMonth

A story with a vicious twist.

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Write Her Story


False Promise of Rain
by Lori Safranek

Dark clouds gave false promises of rain as I trudged further across the empty lake. Fresh water should have been found yesterday. I had been puzzled when I reached the shore of the lake only to find dust and hard-packed dirt. My people would die without water.
I walked into the lakebed, seeking answers. I’d walked so long now, my head drooped, my eyes on the ground, seeking the tiniest drop of moisture.
The squawk of birds pulled my attention upward. A goddess floated in the air above, birds swirling around her. Her long black hair covered most of her body and a mask of white covered her face. I gasped and the inhalation of dust made me cough until I fell to my knees.
I gazed up at the goddess and could see the streaks of tears painted on…

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