Character Conversation

This is purely for fun. I was not coerced in any way by the character. (help, I’m being coerced by cake)

I would like to introduce to you, Angus Rionnach from the unpublished series of books Suleskerry. He chose the image above, Loki, is a hero of his.

Angus, would you like to tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a handsome selkie rogue who gets things done.

What sort of things, Angus?

Oh you know, this and that. Cleaning up after Kieran and Cal. Making sure that everything in our world runs smoothly.

I see. How do you manage that?


Oh god, you’ve been watching the X-files again haven’t you.

That moving picture thingy? Kach Kesh it is so funny. Aliens? Do they not know they are the aliens?

No. And don’t try to tell anyone that either or I’ll lock you away inside my head.

Adele, you do know why I am called Angus the Cat do you not? I can get out of any locked building or room or situation.

At this point, I eat the cake and leave Angus babbling away to himself.



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