New directions

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

“I need to update you on bent-tail fish,” said my son down the phone. This could not be good. Poor bent-tail has been struggling with his infirmities for a while and we knew it could be only a matter of time. “The cat came in wet and it wasn’t raining… so I checked the pond.” Even worse then. The cat has seen bent-tail as prey for a while and, when he is exhausted and floating on the surface, the little fish makes an easy target for the feline huntress. I had visions of coming back from the north to a half-eaten fish and a well-fed cat. “I don’t know,” said my son, “whether the cat jumped or fell…but she was soaked… and bent-tail is fine.” I’m afraid that I grinned. Another round goes to the fish. It is, in spite of its less-than-usual shape, both resilient and resourceful… and…

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