Wire Strippers – Part Two

Sun in Gemini


Fascism arises as a result of certain conditions. These are not limited by being ‘a long time ago’. Suggest this to anyone happy with the current political environment of Britain and the USA and they will look at you as though you are an academic who is out of touch with both popular opinion, and the ‘revolution’ of the underdog that has created the new order.

Fascism can and needs to be simply defined so that our children and grandchildren, who are not close enough to the societal memories of the second world war, can be equipped to spot its festering signature.

Fascism begins with populism. We are reminded by a usually charismatic would be leader that the system is corrupt and that we – our undervalued group in society – are being deprived of our rights by an alien minority. There has to be a minority that can bear…

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