Complacency Kills

Kate McClelland

There have been a few deaths recently of people who have been electrocuted because they have been charging their mobile/cell phones whilst using them in the bath.

This sounds a ridiculously stupid way to die. Some people see this as a slimming down of the ‘gene pool’, or an easily avoided tragic death of a stupid person. But I think that’s quite harsh because:

1. If ‘stupidity’ on its own was fatal, there would be a lot more deaths in the World.

2. There would be no need to have printed on a box of tooth picks the instructions ‘Insert one toothpick at a time into gum and ‘work’ obstruction free (obstructions include a piece of meat, popcorn or your girlfriends braces’) – Yes, I have added the last bit.

But you get the idea.

I think the problem here is not stupidity, but because people are so used to…

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