The Golden Apple

Welcome to a weekly round up of what I’ve been doing, reading, writing and living.

I’ve called it the Golden Apple because it reminds of the beautiful mystical Isle of Avalon where King Arthur was taken when he died.

Of course, I have my own opinion of what Avalon was and who dwelled there but that I keep for another time.

When I was small and my mam was worried about war and I said to her. “Don’t worry mam, King Arthur is only asleep and will wake if Britain is threatened.”

This reminds me now of the terrible tragedy that took place in London earlier on this week. The senseless act of a selfish man took away lives from those who loved them.

My prayers and thoughts are with the families who lost loved ones due to this brutal act of pure evil. It is horrific.

I have been lucky to gain a place with fourteen other writers in the competition called The Next Great Horror Writer.

I am thrilled to take part and will up date you on progress. The first challenge has been issued and we are off the starting block.  A huge thank you to Colleen for the wonderful review she did for Wisp. You can see the review here:

A massive thank you to Colleen, for all her support to fellow bloggers.

Sally Cronin has also featured this review on her website:

Thank you, Sally for all the support you give to us bloggers.

Speaking of blogs, this is the first post I’ve tried to put various links in. So, fingers and everything else crossed that this works.

I am done now and going to collapse on the sofa and watch The Dead Files.





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