Musings to self


“God has a wife.”

“What the what now?  Back up there a bit.  God has a wife?”

“Yep.  Her name is Ashara.”

“Right.  How do you know that?  Do you know her personally like?”

“No and stop being so narky.  I saw it on t.v.”

“Oh so that makes it real does it?”

“It was on that bible stories de bunked or something or other.”

“Adele really, if you`re going to make a sweeping statement such as God has a wife, don`t you think you should at least get the name of the show right?”

“Well its true.  I saw it.  So God has a wife and thats that.  She`s the Queen of Heaven.”

“Nah.  The Holy Mother is the Queen of Heaven.”

“Well maybe there`s two Queen`s of Heaven.”

“Oh for the love of.  Don`t be silly, you`ll be saying next that there are two Gods.”

“Duh.  There are…

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