3 Ways to “Show, Don’t Tell” Emotions In Your Story

Dan Alatorre

Your humble host. your humble host

I’m just gonna say it:

You give too much away in your stories.

And with emotions, you do it most often.

Why do you do that?

Today we’re gonna see the old writing adage/admonishment “Show, Don’t Tell.” You hear it said a lot, but who gives examples on how to do it? Me, that’s who. Here are some pointers using emotions, which are also hard to do in stories. It’s a twofer. Because I love you guys.

In Version 2, we mostly TELL the reader what the characters is feeling. That’s 2, so it comes second.You’ll wanna read it first. READ 2 FIRST.

In Version 1, which comes first, we SHOWED the actions that cause a reader to conclude the character feels a certain way.

Bring up the two versions in different windows and see them side by side. Then it won’t matter…

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