A Pilgrimage to the Edge of the World

Celtic Soul Craft

The Deer Goddess – an Ancestral Mother

Spring is exploding here in the foothills of the Appalachians as the ‘greening’ of the landscape intensifies. I’m always transfixed by spring which turns stark winter trees into great cathedrals of green. The greening obscures neighbors houses and becomes a sheltered refuge for birds and squirrels as we welcome swifts, hummingbirds and monarch butterflies.

We’ve already had days so hot they remind us of the blazing summer heat to come T – too severe for someone born in far more northern latitudes.

Drums of the Ancestral  Mothers

For the last month i’ve been weaving invisible threads in preparation for the first ‘Ancestral Mothers of Scotland Retreat’ – everything is booked and organized and I head off home tomorrow!

I’m looking forward to two weeks of ritual and ceremony of visiting interesting sites and staying in the once place on the Island of the Big Women (Isle…

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