Let’s walk a marathon – Part three – Taking in the right fuel.

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I am going to take you back to the original images that I shared of a healthy and a fat encased heart in the first of the posts on this marathon challenge.


Images and article courtesy of:http://www.impianemasmedicalcentre.com/visceral-fat-more-dangerous-than-you-think/

You cannot survive without your major organs, although they have developed some workarounds…If you stop breathing they can put you on a ventilator and this includes if you suffer brain death, and provided your heart is beating you can be kept alive indefinitely.

However if your heart stops, unless they can get it beating again within in 4 to five minutes, brain cells will start to die. Without a heart you will die.

The purpose of this challenge is to achieve a better level of internal fitness, and the primary target of our efforts has to be the heart.

For elite athletes diet is key and food is carefully monitored to…

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