Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – 26th April 2017 – The Story Reading Ape, Darlene Foster, Sue Vincent and Stuart France, Kirt Tisdale and Teagan Geneviene and D.G. Kaye

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Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

I know that I can be neglectful of Goodreads as a networking platform but luckily The Story Reading Ape spotted an article today that gave me a kick up the backside.

Social media expert Barb Drozdowich counts the ways for indie authors to network on Goodreads to help market their self-published books. Goodreads is often the site that is dismissed as difficult to navigate or full of nasty people. Let’s talk about these elephants shall we?

Can Goodreads be difficult to navigate? I think so. But like learning to write excellent dialogue, navigating Goodreads can be learned with a little bit of patience.
Is Goodreads full of nasty people? Not really. There are 50 million account holders on Goodreads. In a group that large there are bound to be nasty people. Take your local mall as an example. Not everybody there is pleasant, yet you continue to shop there…

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