Character Interview

Greetings friends. You have found your way to firefly465. The blog where anything and everything can be spoken about. To that end, it is my pleasure to introduce to you one of my characters from Wisp. Finn Redhaven.

Me.     Hello, Finn.

Finn.   Greetings creator.

Me.     Sarcasm is a big part of your nature is it not? Do you use it as a mask?

Finn.   Do you think this face is a mask? Really?

Me.     No. Of course not, Finn. So. What makes you happy?

Finn.  Wisp, first and foremost. Cigarettes, athro, which is the same as your coffee. Wisp, and perhaps staying close to home this time and not having to go off and save Edra, again. -laughs-

Me.     Be careful or you’ll be in my next book.

Finn.  I’d better be. Your readers will want to know more about me. Ask them.

Me.     Oh, this interview will be open to questions from them. I would like to ask you about the magic system on Edra. What is it? How does it work?

Finn.    Technically that’s two questions but, I’ll let you off as I have to keep sweet with you.  Magic. On Edra, there are two systems. We, the indigenous people have natural magic. We can call on the power of the elements, the trees, rocks, water etc. The humans and the elves don’t originate from Edra, so they have to learn how to tap into the natural power.

Me.    Can they go wrong doing that?

Finn.  Yes. It’s not a pretty sight.

Me.    Could they hurt the planet?

Finn.  Yes, and they have done in areas.

Me.   What about Finah?

Finn.  Never been there. Since the civil war which happened before I was born, it has been impossible to know what exactly goes on there. I do know that magic is supposed to be forbidden there.

Me.    But like everything else, there is a way.

Finn.  -laughs- Oh, yes.

Me.   Is there anything you would like to say to the readers?

Finn. Beware the raggedy man.

Me.  Finn, that book hasn’t even been started, behave yourself.  Say goodnight.

Finn. Goodnight my dearest readers. Snuggle up with me between the pages of Wisp.



24 thoughts on “Character Interview

  1. Adele… I don’t know what happened with your review on Goodreads but I added it again. Also, I am copying your interview idea and interviewing the swamp fairy for a piece I am doing on Kev’s Books. Hope you don’t mind. Hugs. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Of course, I don’t mind my friend, I got the idea
    from Dan Allatore. I will look forward to reading the interview. I think it’s great that the characters get to have their say. I think I might do Wisp himself next. xxx


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