Clockwork Wonderland Blog Tour and Events

Interested in Alice? Clockwork? Wonderland? Horror?
Join us as we tour the web and host live events.
Clockwork Wonderland!
Read the excerpts and get a taste of what you will find in our book.
Come listen to our authors read at events.
Join us as we geek out Alice-style.

3 Announce SL 7th party
4 “A Room for Alice” sneak peek at
5 “Midnight Dance” sneak peek at
6 Facebook Party Announcement!
7 SL Party 1pm
7 “The Note” sneak peek at
8 “Foreword” sneak peek at
9 “Riddle” sneak peek at Julianne
10 Guest Blog at CW author Michele Roger
11 “Gone a’Hunting” sneak peek at
11 Clockwork Wonderland sneak peek at
12 “Frayed Ears” sneak peek at
13 Facebook Party!
13 “Tick Tock” sneak peek at

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