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The Ladies of Horror
Picture-Prompt Writing Challenge!

Silent Vigil
by Julianne Snow

The loud crashing reverberated through the trees, bouncing off the granite statues who held silent vigil for those foolhardy enough to enter the deserted cemetery after dark. None of them knew the horror that lived within the rusting iron fences; the terror that could rob one of their lives in mere moments.
“I think it’s still out there,” she whispered against my ear, her cold breath snaking down my neck. I reached up to brush off the chill but discovered I couldn’t shake the feeling of dread that sat like a lump in my throat.
I held my fingers up to my lips, knowing she couldn’t see me in the darkening twilight, but not wanting to make a noise. It was my way of shushing her. It didn’t work,
“Why are they all covering their eyes? It’s so…

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