Character Interview – Wisp

Character Interview – Wisp.


Me-          Hello, Wisp.

Wisp-      Hello, Adele.

Me-          You are a Law Enforcer in the city of Edra. Can you tell us about a typical day.

Wisp-      There is no such thing as a typical day. -laughs- On a good day I do my rounds then stop off for a pie at the market. Report back to the Senior then go home.

Me-          And on a bad day?

Wisp-      A drug death. Fish a body out of the river. Missing children and heartache.

Me-          It surprises me that they are drug problems in Edra.

Wisp-      There are many problems in Edra that would surprise a lot of people. I see the underbelly, the parts of Edra where no one wants to go willingly.  The circle is like a portal and all things come through. People are poor, they try to make an honest living but there is always someone on the corner tempting them to make a quick silver or to give then a taste of hope. They when they are hooked……

Me-          The noose around their neck tightens.

Wisp-      Exactly.

Me-          If you had one wish what would it be?

Wisp-      Impossible. I would spend a century trying to decide. -laughs-

Me-          You seem to have a fascination with boots.

Wisp-      Yes. New boots in fantastic colors or designs are an obsession or one of them anyway.


Me-        The other obsessions?

Wisp-    Finn gave too much away in his interview. Let the readers find out about my-clears throat- other obsessions.

Me-        Well said, Wisp. Before we sign off is there anything you would like to share with the readers?

Wisp-      Blessings for a happy day and a song to remember me by.

Me-          Thank you, Wisp.



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