Protecting Bedlam: Serpents & Serial Killers Part 1

Legends of Windemere

(Here we go! Enjoy the 3rd possibly canon adventure of Cassidy & Lloyd. If you want, buy their previous rampages for $2 by clicking on the covers below.)

Cover by Jon Hunsinger

Cover by Jon Hunsinger


The Bankruptcy Bar is a hodgepodge of furniture, each one with a price tag in case a customer is interested in taking something home. Half of the doors are drawn onto the dull red walls, the faint lines of a former entrance visible around the edge of the realistic pictures. Flickering lightbulbs threaten to burst in the hanging lamps, which sway on rusty chains. A small collection of seedy-looking billiard tables are on the far side of the room, none of them having a complete set of balls. Wearing rags and a green visor, the owner stands behind the bar and stubbornly sticks to his prices for a few minutes before giving up…

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