HorrorAddicts.net, 143 #NGHW Guest Judge: Stacy Rich


Horror Addicts Episode# 143
SEASON 12 – The Next Great Horror Writer Contest


Horror Hostess: Emerian Rich

Judge: H.E. Roulo

Guest Judge: Stacy Rich

Intro Music by: Valentine Wolfe


The top 7 / Horrific True Tales

Find all articles and interviews at: http://www.horroraddicts.net

108 Days till Halloween

Intro of judges, prizes, and contest.

Portions of the top 7 stories

Contestants: Feind Gottes, Naching T. Kassa, Jess Landry, AE Kirk, Sumiko Saulson, Cat Voleur, Jonathan Fortin, Adele Marie Park, JC Martinez, Harry Husbands, Daphne Strasert.

HA.Net News:  Emerian Rich

*Wormwood Profit Society – Rogue Planet Press

*RIP: Nelsan Ellis

*Crystal Connor: White Coffin

*#NGHW News by Adelise M. Cullens

*By the Fire by David Waston
*Kenzie Kordic brings us…Ghastly Games: Gloom
*Jesse Orr’s new installment of The Scarlett Dahlia

*Kbatz reviews Summer Vampires: A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, Kiss of the Damned, Twixt
*David’s Haunted Library features…

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