Gremlins in the works.

I have just discovered that Twitter and WordPress have been affected by Gremlins. To be more precise my accounts.

Twitter usually notifies me when someone retweets an article I have posted. Errrr, now they don’t??????

So I am sorry to all the people who retweet my articles and shares. I have not gone off-world or become the 13th Doctor, I wish.

It annoys me because I am courteous and like to thank people who make the effort to interact so gremlins beware. I got you covered. Yeah, didn’t think my teddy bear was that big or that he had a big gun.

I am getting there but it has made me feel very anxious and as a person who has borderline personality disorder, things which change are devasting for me.

Thanks, everyone for your patience. Normal service will be resumed, I hope, very soon.



12 thoughts on “Gremlins in the works.

  1. Adele, you’re the 3rd person who said they aren’t getting notifications anymore, strange! But I shut of notifications by email years ago, the last thing I needed was 100 more emails a day. Just go to your Twitter page and click on notifications, it will list everyone who shared and retweeted. ❤


  2. Adele, I agree with Shey and Deb. I turned off all notifications for WP and my social network pages a while back. Instead, I check them in my WP Reader and on my pages. Everything is there. I also turned off notifications for new posts of blogs I follow. I made a list of names and URLs for blogs I frequent the most, and I catch up with others in the WP Reader. This has made life a whole lot easier ❤


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