There’s reviews then there’s Robin’s reviews.

shehanne moore

My pleasure today is to review

My pleasure today is to review

Shehanne Moore’s exciting book,

“The Unraveling of Lady Fury.”

There’s a back story worth sharing,

an unbelievable event left

Fury Celia Fontanelli on a quay

by a pirate-style Captain who didn’t

look back, commandeering his

large ship, the Calypso, off

into the Caribbean.

How embarrassing!

Fury had to keep going ~

life wasn’t going to be “easy”

nor ever “uncomplicated.”

Establishing her good manners,

throwing herself into society

with a goal to capture a

fine Gentleman who

could marry her.

These days we might say:

Fury needed to be

“back on the market.”

Establishing her genteel persona,

Lady Fury gets married to

Thomas Beaumont.

Don’t worry, this is not a

Big Reveal!

Unfortunately, Thomas is

long gone before the first page.

The setting is in Genoa, 1820.

An important mission must be

achieved, a Beaumont heir!

How this…

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