Guest Blog: Horror Inked with Tragedy by Sam Mortimer

Emz Newz

Horror Inked with Tragedy

Sam Mortimer

 Writing horror fiction doesn’t mean we’re particularly displaying pleasant imagery, nor are we tapping into the kindest parts of our brains. While there’s undeniable beauty in the world, the fact is it can also monstrously suck. We’re not putting the focus on a bouquet of flowers unless those flowers are being grown from demon’s blood, so to speak. Whether a particular horror story is presented in a fun or serious manner, they are always inked with tragedy. Unfortunately, there’s tragedy aplenty in the world to process, then express.

To me, horror symbolizes aspects of real life that are difficult to deal with and/or express in any terms other than horror. Horror is truthful, sadly, in a rather blunt sort of way. If you’ve ever experienced the death of a loved one, or even the death of a pet, if something horrible has ever…

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