The title of this blog is because we watched the movie of the same name. I loved this movie as a child and still, love it today. I always wanted to make my bed fly but, alas, I still haven’t managed it.

Although, our current bed did spend a time or two shuddering and shaking trying to move from the wall, with us on it. A very frightening experience, but we sorted that one out quickly and successfully.

The image is a make up I did which represents me starting to rewrite my Suleskerry series of novels, again. This time it feels as if everything is on the correct path to go ahead with the venture. I’ve only been trying for twenty years lol.

As you might guess from the picture, these novels are about the legends of the selkies, grey seals who come ashore, shed their skins and become human on land. I grew up hearing these legends but in the novels, this is my take on the selkie legend. I guess this is a bit of a wait and see teaser.

I have been falling behind with everything this past week. Our lives have been filled with appointments and minor traumas which have to be gone through in order to function. So, apologies my friends, I am now back on track, for the forseeable future. Sounds like a British Rail announcement.

The video is from one of my all time favourite bands, Rancid.


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