Being Published in “The Box Under The Bed”

Dan Alatorre

Guest blog post by a co-author ofThe Box Under The Bed,Adele Marie Park


I first came to know Dan Alatorre through his blog. I adore his novel An Angel On Her Shoulder.

He writes from the heart and his passion for the craft is wonderful.

I was lucky to come fourth in one of his Word Weaver Writing Weaver Contests, and to have a critique of my work.

So, when he announced The Box Under The Bed anthology submission call I was excited and determined to write a story to be included.

My usual starting point for any story is the character. Sometimes they emerge fully formed and onto the paper but this one emerged from the shadows.

What better way to come forth when it’s horror?

When a character evolves the story sometimes takes a definite U turn. That happened in this tale. It…

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