How Scary is Richard III???

Dan Alatorre

Guest blog post by a co-author ofThe Box Under The Bed,JoanneRLarner

B1DiISEXVoS._UX250_ author Joanne R. Larner

WhenDan had the idea to write a compilation of short stories by a lot of different authors,

I at first thought the genre (horror/scary) wouldn’t suit my style

since at the moment I am writing about (some might say obsessed with) Richard III and the Wars of the Roses.

But then I remembered a story I had written several years ago, one of the very first thingsI wrote on the subject of Richard, which did have a ‘horror’ theme.

With Dan’s encouragement (and he’s very good at that!) I sought it out

and realised that it would need some tweaking to be up to scratch – I have learned a lot since I wrote it.

So I re-edited it, changing a lot, adding a bit and making it more (I hope)…

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