Happy Sunday to all readers.

I felt compelled to write this post today.

It is a beautiful spring day here in Scotland. The sun is shining, the frost is still nipping at my fingertips, but the crocuses are blooming, the witch hazel is resplendent with her coat of yellow and red.

The birds are so busy I smile to see them pecking at little bugs only they can see on our cherry tree or diving through the air showing off for the ladies.

I awaken at Spring, my heart sings, my body feels lighter and so does my mind.

Worries seem so far away when I listen to Mrs Blackbird scolding Mr Blackbird or Dante the dog when he gallops across the lawn interrupting her worm finding.

It is a beautiful day and I am very glad I’m alive and able to see, hear and feel the sun on my skin, for a change.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone hope your day is as blessed as mine.

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