The Numinous Web: Learning about the Celtic Deities

For those interested in Celtic deities this is a wonderful post, thanks to

Celtic Druidry

scotland-2420771_1920 Image source: Public domain

In previous posts, we explored the cosmology of the Celts and the concept of Sacred Reciprocity. In traditional cultures, it is understood that human beings live in relationship with many other beings – plants, animals, birds, fish, insects, and features of the natural landscape. In addition, what appears to the modern mindset as ’empty space’ is in fact often filled with other beings more difficult to see or identify. This is the realm of the gods and spirits, who may inhabit cosmic realms like the sky, ocean and underworld, or whose domain may be part of the world they share with us.

In western materialist culture, acknowledging, perceiving or discussing this traditional perception of reality is grounds for being labeled delusional or even insane. However, as modern physics is beginning to understand (and catch up with ancient wisdom), there is a great deal going on in…

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