Is fantasy a male-dominated genre? I don’t think so. Tanith Lee is the first name that springs to my mind, perhaps because my mother loved her work. My mother also introduced me to Marion Zimmer Bradley and her Thendara books. Later I would buy Mists of Avalon. It remains a firm favourite, although dog-eared and faded. The link I’m posting below tells me that the female voice of fantasy is surging forward, just as it always has been.

11 thoughts on “A Fresh Wind Blowing Through Stereotypes

  1. Great topic, Adele! I don’t think it still is either. BUT it certainly was years ago. Women fantasy writers used pen names, initials, or first names that had a masculine/androgynous sound.
    Early in my (fiction) writing career I sent a manuscript to MZB’s magazine. I that thrilled to get any response at all, but she ripped into me for using a pen name (I don’t now), talking about all the difficulties of our predecessors who really needed to do so. Particularly since her assistant explained that Ms. Bradley’s failing vision kept her from doing a lot of reading.

    I wrote back expressing my disappointment in her reaction. I explained that I was just getting out of a violently abusive marriage, and being stalked — and that I thought since she had been through similar she should understand. (Plus the pen name was still feminine.) That seemed to mollify her, but I still didn’t get published.

    Just sharing. Hugs.

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