He’s lean, he’s mean and he’s back…

The Dudes and Shehanne give us a taste of His Judas Bride.

shehanne moore





Scotland, long ago and far away

 Never look at the moon as you reach for the stars…

 Displaying herself half naked had never been part of the plan. Especially not in a see-through scarlet dress, in the middle of a raging snowstorm. But Lord Ewen McDunnagh was handsome so a plan could change.

It was unfortunate it should change so soon when he was also a drunk with a reputation for hiking the skirts of all women between the ages of fifteen and fifty and she’d still to gain entry to Lochalpin, but then again a knife jabbed her throat–his. So why not?

Show herself fully naked either? Well? Wasn’t she meant to be alluring, despite the fact it killed  her to the fossilized back ends of her chattering teeth?

“Lady McGurkie.”

Behind her, Kendrick—who else?—sounded as if he was hunched in…

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10 thoughts on “He’s lean, he’s mean and he’s back…

  1. Well, they came about by accident years ago when I was writing a writing post and folks liked them so I left them and now I just let them do the post. Bu you are right re hamsters. Way back our younger was in a bad place with the love of her life. She was in a bad place, period and finally I fielded a phone call where I was able to coax her home but she started howling that she and her fellah had a hamster. I had to say well bring the hamster – very nobly and on the spot I hasten to add— well she then yowled but Dad won’t have it in the house. I assured her he would. But I knew if I said hamster to him as he sailed off to get her back that this would be in my dreams. Needless to say she came in the house in bigger floods, that dad had had a tartan fit. he came in yelling she has a thing in a cage. I had to pour soothing oil on the waters but as I soothing her going it’s fine.. and she thanked me I said straight, ‘I see or smell that thing and he is out, got it?’ Well, this hamster that became the subject of a custody battle between her and her fellah, was a wee pet. An abso character in every way. Very artistic with the way he laid out his food. And woe betide if you moved one grain to clean the cage. So there you go.

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