Well, I shake my whiskered face. You’d think she, being the author, would come up with a better headline than, “The Writerly Witch,” I’m not sure it’s grammatically correct.

Anyway, let me introduce myself. I am a witch’s cat and let me tell you it’s a hard job. However, I excel in a particular area of advice, yes my adoring fans, because you will adore me, I will appear on here every so often to throw you scraps of my fantastic wit and wisdom.


No. The tea is mine, leave it alone.

Now, you’ve finished your novel. Fantastic, wonderful, how clever and talented you are. I am now about to burst your little bubble, with kindness. Okay with my sharp claws.

The work, dear readers, is just about to start.

Put your finished work away, file it, store it, print it out and hide it in the cellar, where ever you can’t get access to it for at least two weeks. Don’t look at it. 

After two weeks retrieve your work and, this is important, make sure you have a bevy of your choosing at the ready. Sit at your desk, open the electrical device you can’t live without and begin.

First edit, not so hard. There are so many editing tools out there which will help you, apart from me.

Sheuses: https://prowritingaid.com 

Okay, so it’s going well, fantastic. Now, put it away again. Yes, yes, you heard me. Hide it away again, 1 week this time.

Poor dears, I know I’m cruel, you love it.

Resurrect the work once more. Read over and over noticing where you might have head hopped, (writerly term for mixing up your point of view.) Called a character by the wrong name or spelled, (heaven forbid) their name wrong. Read it and read it until you see double. Then save and file.

Next time:  What happens when you open the file again?

I am here and there,

Forever on my whim,

Will, I appear,

My advice to give.

Until next time:


“Ma haw! I scorched my whiskers,”


17 thoughts on “The Writerly Witch

  1. Oh no! Not scorched whiskers! (Crystal has developed a fascination with the spring doorstop things. I think they are the cause of all her whiskers being broken off lately.)
    Kitties know best (except where doorstops are concerned), thanks for imparting the feline advise, Adele. Mega hugs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think the cat will be around now for sure, he’s, yes he is a he, but sssshhhh, he doesn’t want his public to know. He is determined to do his bit of the blog. Love to you and Crystal and hope her whiskers grow back quickly. xxx


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