She’s back. …in every way.

Shey and the dudes share Chapter One of The Unraveling of Lady Fury. It’s a damn good one.

shehanne moore

Shey – Cos frankly I had to kick your butts into gear.

Shey- it is kind as you’re getting till you get back into line.

‘Had her mind really whispered Lady Margaret this morning? James Flint Blackmoore. Pig. Pig. Complete. Absolute. Pig. Bastard. Now, that’s what she should have thought.’

Her gorge rose even though she had something on him now. A shipload in fact. Rescind the rules? In her dreams. His too. The bastard could take what he got and welcome.

Genoa 1820

Malmesbury would father the heir to the Beaumont dukedom. Count Vellagio wasn’t a contender. What she’d logged in her book about him this afternoon said it would be a huge mistake anyway. The same for the Duke of Southey—young, certainly, but a drunk with quiffed hair and filthy fingernails.

No, Malmesbury was the best. The only. Intelligent without being painful, fashionable yet not a…

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