Plastic…Part 3…Our actions…The Consequences…

Carol’s latest post about Plastics and what we can do to stop its continual spread.

Retired? No one told me!

Last week I looked at different countries pledges to combat plastic waste…How it seems some countries like France just announce an outright ban and other countries allow appeal upon appeal which all delay the action…Complacency and greed …

We need collective action by consumers as well and we all know how powerful a consumer can be…Don’t we?

Individual choices are important and if we all took that pledge and like France banned certain items /actions in our homes it would have an effect…

This report from the Guardian highlights some of the problems in the UK…Just multiply that by all the countries in the world…

We are at the crisis point WE the consumer have choices…I know you are all busy and have lives BUT sometimes we also have to make a stand…To stand up and be counted…Because if you think that your inaction doesn’t matter because everyone else…

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