The roll out of 5g has concerned me since I started reading about it. I signed petitions, I posted about it and now I find myself posting again. If enough people sign petitions or take action, I hope, many more governments will take notice and stop this before it is too late.

Click on the link to find out about what 5g means to you, me, the next door neighbour, the bees, the children, the insects and all life on our planet.


27 thoughts on “5G Please click on the link. Help save us all

  1. We’ve already got it down here south of Melbourne in Victoria Australia. It came online about 6 weeks ago. The week it came online I noticed there was more expressions of depression and fatalism on my Facebook Feed. I felt kind of fried myself!
    I turn off the modem in my house as much as possible but, of course it’s still coming through on my phone.
    I’ve heard that meditating and space clearing rituals can help offset some of the effects. I hope that’s true. The effects seems to have become less pronounced as people have adjusted but I’m noticing that there seems to more violent crime being reported. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it.
    One thing I am noticing when I go out and about in shops and public spaces is that many people are feeling sick and/or struggling with awful pain issues.

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    1. Oh no, I’m so sorry this is happening. Yes, these affects can be blamed on 5G. some people have moved out of the zone and find their illness and depression have lifted. Why can’t the governments see this?


      1. Why indeed? Some people see it as the ultimate control mechanism – a very sad conspiracy theory. Moving isn’t an option as 5G will be Australia wide soon enough. I’m not in a position to live in another country. So meanwhile – I meditate, I smudge my house, I spend time in nature whenever possible. I’ve heard certain black minerals can deflect the 5G waves so I’ve placed them in front of my modem. I look out for any other tips that might help.

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  2. Would you still want to have your cell phone if you knew that it was causing slavery and the genocide of people? Well, that’s what you are supporting if you have one.

    Watch this video by Arthur Fistenburg, who is the first person to bring a lawsuit against the government for 5G technologies, and then decide whether you still think it is worth it to have a mobile device.

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    1. Thank you for sending me the link to this video. I don’t have a cell phone and will not have one as I have researched the dangers plus how and who makes them. Especially Apple.


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