Why Do So Many Bad Books Sell on Amazon? – by Katherine Marsh…

A must read post thanks to Chris for sharing.

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on Helping Writers become Authors:

Why do so many bad books sell on Amazon? This is the question many authors are asking these days.

There are far more bad books than good books (which is always true of any entertainment field), but what’s different this time is that low-quality stories often seem to sell better than good stuff.

“Low-quality” isn’t a judgment about taste, reading level, or genre. I mean that books with poor writing, obvious filler, nonexistent characterization, and sometimes entire copy-pasted passages get into the Top 100 of popular categories.

As a reader, when I fall for one of these top-charting books, I find myself thinking, This book shouldn’t be anywhere close to the top.

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4 thoughts on “Why Do So Many Bad Books Sell on Amazon? – by Katherine Marsh…

  1. Thanks for sharing, Adele. I recently found that if I search my book’s title, it doesn’t show up for several pages later in the search. Amazon promotes books that don’t even have more than one word of the title in theirs. NO one can find me unless they search my name — first and last.
    I hope you are having a marvelous Monday, my friend. Hugs on the wing.

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    1. Oh no, Teagan, that’s awful. There must be another way. Hugs to you and Crystal. We are basking in very hot sunshine here, well, we’re inside the house with a huge fan blowing cold air on us. lol xxx


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