What’s the Right Way to Include Multiple POVs? – by Kassandra Lamb…

A great post, easy to understand and plenty of help and tips about writing in multiple POV’s. Thanks, Chris for sharing.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

on Jami Gold:

As a paranormal romance author, I’m used to writing with multiple points of view (POV), as all my stories feature both of the main characters. But that style of writing isn’t limited just to romance. In many genres, we can include multiple POVs to add depth, layers, insights, and opportunities to our stories.

That said, we also don’t want to use multiple POVs simply as a crutch to avoid head-hopping issues. Just because we want to share how another character feels isn’t usually enough of a reason to change POVs, as we can use craft techniques to provide insights into non-POV-character emotions to readers.

Head-hopping and multiple POV stories are very different, and the first clue is in the name:

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