Developing Your Psychic Skills #3 Psychometry

Karen’s wonderful post on psychometry plus a bonus real life story.

The Sisters of the Fey

Developing your Psychic Skills: 3Psychometry

Part one

Last month, October 1st we learned about Psychic Protection and this month we will begin to learn how to develop your Psychic Abilities.

The following is the next step we should follow for preparation :

  1. Clear your special space of any distracting objects, people, and meditate for twenty minutes. Practice grounding yourself to where you are, creating a space between you and any distractions.
  2. Psychometry is the good place to start to develop your Psychic skills. You may have already collected special stones or one or two other artifacts that your senses fine interesting for an unknown reason. Through Psychometry (reading an object by touch to feel the energy and any images, thoughts, that come to mind) you will explore your natural abilities first and that will lead to gaining more skills.
  3. Don’t force it, it will come naturally. As you read…

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3 thoughts on “Developing Your Psychic Skills #3 Psychometry

  1. Thank you for sharing this Adele.. In my Mediumship days of teaching, I would use this tool in my development circle.. Its an amazing tool when you realise every object holds a vibration that with training can be developed deeper…
    Much love my friend ❤

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