The Gift of the Goddess

Colleen and the gift of the Morrigan.

The Sisters of the Fey

Yesterday, I shared the visit of three Poor Wills who chose my sacred circle as a safe place to sleep. You can read that post HERE.

Today, I’ve experienced the meaning and synchronicity of the number three. For months now, I’ve pondered the significance of following a goddess. I couldn’t choose one, and I’ve read that the goddess will choose you. So, I waited and wondered.

After my encounter yesterday, I spent some time reading. I visited the Witch of Lupine Hollow where I took a test that said I was a warrior witch, based on my astrological sign. Great information but I wasn’t sure how that fit into my path. TAKE the quiz! Click HERE.

For whatever reason, I found myself at a website about Celtic gods and goddesses. This time I couldn’t deny that I was drawn to the Morrigan because of her association with…

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6 thoughts on “The Gift of the Goddess

  1. Thanks so much, Sis for your support. Isn’t it funny how everyone knew the Morrigan should be my goddess? I think she sent me a message I could read loud and clear. I know so little about her. It will be another spiritual quest to learn how to honor her so she can work through me. I’m still in shock. ❤

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