SOS (Save Our Small-dog) ~ Ani’s Advent 2019 #midnighthaiku

It’s that time of the year again, yep, please help Ani with her advent calendar so there will be no antler wearing.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

It’s getting closer.

Save a small dog’s dignity…

Fill my calendar!

Look, you know what she does to me at Christmas. The one day when two-legses go around talking about peace and love… and what does mine do?

Every year?

Ruddy antlers.

If Dog had meant us to have antlers, we’d grow them ourselves.

Anyway, as always, the deal is that if my furry friends will fill my Advent Calendar,

she won’t do it this year.

Okay, she said that last year too, but at least they were proper-looking antlers.

Though I could have lived without the flowery things.

Ani in antlers

So, as always, I’m sending out the call…

Calling all my furred, feathered and scaly friends!


Send me your letters to Santa, your Christmas memories, hopes, poems and stories

and I will publish them every day from the first of December to Christmas.

Antlers are for Reindeer!

If you would…

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