Review of The Gamma Sequence, Book Two Rogue Elements
a medical thriller by Dan Alatorre

I was given this book as a gift and absolutely loved it.
I have read other works by Dan Alatorre and I really like his writing style and sharp dialogue.
With, Rogue Elements he pushes everything to their limits with a plot that grips you from page one.
Private detective Hank De Shear thinks he has solved the case from book one but is left with a deadly genetic disease which is killing him unless he gets treatment. Meanwhile, a friend is murdered which puts suspicious thoughts into his head regarding his last case. It turns out that perhaps not everything was tied up quite so neatly.
From then on until the end of the book, De Shear is catapulted into a high-speed chase between treatment for his disease, villains and allies alike who want a piece of him. From the highest echelons to the lowest of the criminal world he swings between the two always creeping closer to a nightmare.
Who can he trust? Who trusts him?
The finale is disturbing on two counts; the sheer possibility that it could happen today and the realisation that De Shear’s work is by no means finished.
I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. The story gripped me and stayed with me until the ending. Dan’s characters are so real that you worry about them as you read and keep turning the page to see what dangers lurk for them in the next chapter.
I recommend this novel, the one before it and the third novel, which is still to come.


19 thoughts on “My Review of The Gamma Sequence, Book Two, Rogue Elements By Dan Alatorre

  1. I was thrilled to read this too. I am in total agreement, this Is a superbly constructed novel. It gets the reader to work through all their emotions. The unvoiced worry that it could happen … left a niggle in my head for days. Great post

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