Recycling and Climate Change…The Good News…

Carol’s weekly news on recycling and climate change with some really good news.

Retired? No one told me!

I love that around the world much is going on to minimise rubbish and clean up the world …I do think we all need to take part though and learn just how and what can be recycled as many things are made from a mixture of various types of plastics which then means they need specialist recycling. I am much more aware when I buy something now as to its composition so that in the event it will need recycling at some stage I know where and how…or even if it can be recycled. Are you?

A heart map held by a hand

I have decided that in the run up to Christmas and with all the election news and impeachments etc etc…Mondays will be a good news day…

As Christmas is coming I thought that I should turn our thoughts to batteries as there will be many of these sold and thrown away…

Batteries contain several…

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