Deborah sails to Orkney, of course, I’m reblogging this I’m an Orcadian lol


STILL mired in the events of this horrendously challenging year, I am once again resorting to sharing my travels with you instead of anything writing related. Fortunately, it seems you love reading about the wonders of Scotland!

In desperate need of some clear head space, I’d arranged to leave for Scotland the day after mum’s funeral, with Orkney as a final destination. I didn’t know all that much about Orkney before I began researching this trip, and discovered to my surprise that although a ferry (or an aircraft) is required to get there, Orkney isn’t actually that far off the north coast of Scotland – only 6 miles, and easily visible unless the weather is bad.

I’d booked a morning sailing, with a view to a full day of sightseeing upon arrival, so we stayed overnight in a B&B not far from the port. Arriving there in plenty of time…

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