Over the sea to #Orkney, #holiday

Part two of Deborah’s journey to Orkney. The crossing can be tough, when I was a kid, the ferry we took from Scrabster, was called the Ola, she was a brave ship and I still remember going from one side to the other as she rolled through the firth.


I’ve learned a bit from the past few island hopping holidays, where I used a holiday company to organise the ferries and accommodation. This holiday was to be rather different as a friend – a fellow dressage judge, the only dressage judge on Orkney – had invited us to stay with her. As a consequence, I booked the ferries myself and, taking my cue from the tour company, I chose different ferry routes to get there and back again. In fact, two different ferry companies altogether.

There are many ways to get to Orkney

With a very particular goal in mind (more on that later) for the return journey, our outward ferry left Gills Bay and arrived into St Margaret’s Hope, on the island of South Ronaldsay.

Pentland ferries run this one route, aboard the ‘PENTALINA’, a very broad catamaran ferry, good for crossing the Pentland Firth, which has some…

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