#Orkney – The Italian Chapel – SO beautiful #Scotland

Deborah visits the Italian chapel. A wonderful building. I still have my crucifix we bought when visiting the chapel as a child.


Tanked up on caffeine after our ferry trip, we set off from St. Margaret’s Hope on South Ronaldsay, first stop, the truly awesome (in so many ways) ITALIAN CHAPEL, on the tiny island of Lamb Holm. Like so many of the Hebridean islands, there are causeways linking islands together, but these on Orkney came about for a very specific reason, involving Italian POWs.

As I mentioned in a previous post, until I began researching this trip, I’d had no idea at all about the significance of Orkney to the World Wars. Since discovering this, I can’t seem to stop falling over related information – just a few days ago, while reading the writing magazine, Mslexia, I came across an account by a writer who’d been inspired to set her novel on Orkney, after discovering that the very first casualty of WW2 was killed on the islands.

The huge significance of…

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