Recycling and Climate Change…Recycle, Reduce and Re-use…

Carol with her weekly recycling and environment news. As Christmas approaches how will you keep it eco-friendly?

Retired? No one told me!

I love that around the world much is going on to minimize rubbish and clean up the world …But Christmas is coming…

How much extra waste do you think will be generated around the world over Christmas and the New Year?… What can we do to minimise this waste?

Remember the 3 R’s…Recycle, Reduce and Re-use…

Before we buy wrapping paper…Remember to do the scrunch test – 

As not all types of wrapping paper can be recycled.

I am not suggesting walking around the store scrunching up all different kinds of wrapping paper…I am suggesting that you just think back…Think back to that beautiful, pretty sparkling package you received or wrapped for a loved one…A lot of the paper doesn’t crinkle and crease..Does it?

We really know the stuff...Don’t we?

If you really don’t…Then the easiest way to determine this is to scrunch the wrapping paper in your hand…

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7 thoughts on “Recycling and Climate Change…Recycle, Reduce and Re-use…

      1. I’m currently clearing my parents house in preparation for my grand move to the Black Isle, and I refuse to throw away anything that still has life left in it. What doesn’t go on eBay or Facebook marketplace, goes on Freecycle. Why are people so wasteful? It annoys the hell out of me.

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    1. Same here Deborah so was I… it is now a huge learnining curve for many as they have been sucked in to all this consumerism but slowly I can see the changes and acceptance that things must change.. Thank you for being part of that change x

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